What is the WHOLESALE market of Richerenches?

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Richerenches and its wholesale market of Tuber Melanosporum truffles

 As in previous years, Audrey Chabert-Chapuis and her Father, Didier Chabert, are present on the market without fail from 20 November to 20 March.

What is particularly successful is the reputation of this first market of its kind in the world, which is excellent and is reflected in its increasing number of visitors each year. The attraction is based on the exchange of truffles between Truffle growers, the majority of them are our farmers from the region of Grignan and the enclave of the Popes, and about two dozen brokers who buy truffles in bulk on a wholesale basis, meaning that a lot of work will be carried out to dry brush, sort and discard truffles in order to determine and obtain qualities ranging from 1st and 2nd choice to the  “extra” according to the directory set out by the profession and controlled incidentally by the DGCCRF (the service of fraud prevention ).

The exchange of truffles are paid for in cash, the public is eager to come and smell the truffle when it is ripe and the scent of banknotes freshly out of the bank that end up in the pocket of the Truffle grower. Finally the price of the exchange when known, can give a vague idea of what it will be when the truffle will be purchased by the end consumer from his grocer, and in good times and bad, will double or triple depending on whether the "Black Diamond" will be purchased in Paris or somewhere else in France.
 The visitor can buy truffles in the main street of Richerenches, but access to the wholesale market will be prohibited so that the consumer does not find out that he has become a "truffle" himself by buying a batch costing half the price and of questionable quality...

The brokers are diligent people who know full well what the canner will do with the truffles, depending on the grading. But the consumer always presumes that he will gain by paying less for a quality that will inevitably disappoint once on the plate.

The truffle is not about the quality/price ratio but only about quality. Above all, one must know what one is purchasing, which will not be the case for many people who are seeking to save money on the product, regardless of how beautiful it is...

In the good harvest years, the end consumer will have to agree to pay 0.80 cts of euros per gram of truffle and in the years in poor crop, up to 1 euro per gram.

Bearing in mind that one needs at least 10 grs of truffles per portion of scramble or omelet, the cost without the eggs (it is expensive...) will be of 10 euros maximum and 8 euros minimum per person and below this price, except when received as a gift, the customer will have been "tricked" with a product that will be tasteless and that became unfit for consumption.

The life of a truffle is 8 to 10 days but, at a cheaper price, it could have been kept in the fridge for 15 days which would have made it spongy and tasteless but more affordable....

We must create a relationship of trust between the producer and the consumer and this is what we are thriving to do here with our truffles at the Domaine de Cordis.

 Any truffle unfit for consumption is put back into the ground in order to inseminate the soil with spores, or is used for the mycorrhization of our oak trees seedlings.

At the Domaine of Cordis in Grignan, the excavation carried out with our clients is genuine, we do not put a truffle already harvested back into a hole to have it sniffed by a dog to show visitors how we "excavate the Rabasse”.

  The trust is based exclusively on the concept "satisfied or your money back", because we are not prepared to lose customers that trusted us by having deceived them.

We are not trading truffles because this is not our business. We are producers and are only just starting to produce in small quantities.

Our first truffle tree was planted in March 2000, since then, we plant truffle trees on average every two years.

"Trufficulture is a profession of passion but above all of patience..."

Didier Chabert

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