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I retired on the 31st of December 2009 but remained in charge of  the administration of Nougat Chabert & Guillot which has been owned since 1997 by the largest european sugar producing group "Sudzucker" in Manheim.

I am a very active person and have been farming truffles in Grignan for 10 years using new growing methods over 30 hectares. The goal we have at our farm is to educate on the 3 types of truffles that we grow in the Drôme region : Tuber Aestivum, Tuber Brumale, and Tuber Melanosporum.

After having revolutionized  "the world of the Nougat" (Cream of nougat for Nougat glaçé) , the world of the truffle  will also be revolutionized without affecting the quality...Quality is what I care for the most in my work.



His journey



Marketing Director and CEO in 1985


Nougat Chabert & Guillot, Montélimar France

Market leader in the nougat industry, I have led my teams successfully and modernised our company.  We created the liquid nougat in the shape of the Cream of nougat and expanded in the b2b sector in order to sell our products to the European ice cream makers such as Miko and Motta, Nestlé at the time.


We sold the family business to the sugar producing group ‘Sudzucker Manheim’ in 1997.  I remained the CEO of the company for 12 years and retired to become a truffle grower in 2009.


Managing Director

Nougat Chabert & Guillot

From October 1979 to 1984, I was Marketing Director at Nougat Chabert & Guillot and became its Managing Director in 85. A truffle grower in Grignan since 1999, I farm the Grignan truffle in order to revolutionize it…


Assistant to Marketing Director

Accor Group- October 1970

Assisting in the development of hotels and restaurants in the world


Oustau De Baumanière, les Beaux de Provence, France

April 1971 – October 1973

Diploma in Hotel Management

Internship in cooking, baking, sauce making, delicatessen and fish catering, pastries and cake making under the supervision of Raymond THUILLIER and Chef Picard.

Assistant Director for the opening of the Novotel in Nancy Laxou and Nîmes.

Director of the Castle of Mercuès in Cahors for one year.


September 1969- September 1971

Hôtel-Motel Lewis School Washington D.C.

Diploma in Hotel Management

Catering School 



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