The Domaine of Cordis


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Saint-André de Cordy was known by the name of “Domaine de Cordis” in the 16th century.

The current owners have renamed the estate and gone back to its original name.  Cordy comes from the latin cor, cordis, the heart. (cf: Lease of the 31st of May 1763 between Esprit Joseph de Castellane residing at Saint-Paul Trois Châteaux and the farmer Teissier Granger in Cordis).


This estate is situated 3 km west of Grignan on the road to Chantermerle (D 549).


Its area covers 70 hectares of forests, moors and 30 hectares of farming land with plantations registered as truffle orchards. The pedology or soil study indicates that we are in the tertiary with detrital molasses from Chantermerle-les- Grignan and Saint-restitut, a fertile soil for truffle plantations. The collusions are very calcareous with a PH between 8.2 and 8.4


The farm comprises 3 main buildings in the shape of a U, making it “accomplished”.


When the estate was one entity with the Grand Cordy, the Saint-André part was called “Jas” (from Jacere) and was a sheep farm of more than 400 animals.


The arrival of the Popes in Avignon at the beginning of the 14th Century introduced the growing of the mulberry trees in the area. The other main activity of the Domaine was the breeding of the silkworms with one building totally dedicated to sericulture (Building A).


The Domaine of Cordis used to belong to the abbey of Aiguebelle as well as the Lords of Grignan.


On the land registry it appears between section E and F, page number 2


It is the oldest part of Grignan.  It was colonized during the Gallo-Roman period (1– 3 AD) as a wine growing “villae”.


The farm of the Grand Cordy and the Domaine of Cordis were one entity which would have been an administrative centre and seem to have survived as a “curtis”.


The restoration of the Domaine of Cordis took 12 years beginning in 2000 and is a heritage site which was awarded 2 labels of the “Fondation du Patrimoine”.


In the inventory of the Lords titles set up by Lombard, notary of Grignan on 14 July 1634, a mention was made of the separation of the territories of Cordis, Sarson and Réauville in 1281: “in quodam vallato quod vallatum dividit seu limitatur territorium de Corde sive / Greinhano * cum territorium de Sersonis et territorium Regalisville”.






-Lease of 1763

-Commission of the Order of Citeaux, charter and documents from the abbey N.D. of Aiguebelle , Volume 1 page 249

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"From the oak tree in general to the particular truffle..."


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 Come and discover the world of truffles at the Domaine of Cordis in Grignan, in the spectacular surroundings of the Drôme provençale.

It is in a  real atmosphere that father and daughter will welcome you here, where nature rhymes with trufficulture!

At the Domaine of Cordis, you will follow the truffle, from the tree to the excavation with dogs, its principles of culture, the various working techniques and the manual or mechanical tools used to maintain a truffle farm!



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